Computational Creativity

Saronik talks to Tuhin Chakrabarty about the creative processes of Artificial Intelligence, what we can expect from it, and how to keep the results fair.

(Saronik messes up the word GPT-3 twice!)

Reading List:

GPT3 Creativity

When AI Falls in Love, GPT-3 Creative Fiction, Are You Ready for NaNoWriMo?

Papers/Posts on Computational Creativity

Generating Similes Like a Pro, Content Planning for Neural Story Generation, Reverse, Retrieve, and Rank for Sarcasm Generation , The Comedian is in the Machine

Music and Art

Google Magenta

Creating Image from Text

Dall-E, Creative Text Generation

Bias in Language Models

Stereoset measures Racism, Sexism, and other Forms of Bias in AI Language Models, Towards Controllable Biases in Language Generation, The Woman worked as a Babysitter, Timnit Gebru’s thread about Google firing her, RealToxicityPrompts, Measuring and Reducing Gendered Correlations in Pre-trained Models

Bias in Poetry

Investigating Societal Biases in a Poetry Composition System

AI Poetry

Google’s New AI Helps You Write Poetry like Poe, Generating Topical Poetry

Academic Venues

Computational Creativity, Machine Learning for Creativity and Design

Image: created using Dall-E

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