Matt Poland talks about the meaning of archives, the nature of their construction, the physical environments that archives engender, and their emancipatory


Eric Wade speaks with Saronik about lust. They discuss how depictions of sexuality in medieval literature have persisted through literary traditions and

Drone Life

Amy Gaeta uses the relationship between humans and technology, non-military use of drones being a prime example, to rethink concepts of passivity

The Hyperlocal

Nicholas Birns talks about ‘the hyperlocal’, a modality of American journalism in the early 1990s that he adapts to characterize a flexible

Care Ethics

Merel Visse and Inge van Nistelrooij talk with Kim about Care Ethics. Over the course of the episode, we discuss works by


andré carrington talks about the origins of contemporary fandoms, race and gender as its determinants, and its emancipatory potential in the face


Matt Seybold talks about the development of economics as a discourse inside and outside the academy, its success in making itself felt


Manan Kapoor talks about the Ghazal, the medieval Arabic poetic form which travelled to the Indian subcontinent in the 12th century and


Gabriel Winant talks with Kim about the decline of the industrial working class and the rise of the health care industry. Gabriel

Decolonial Queerness

Sandeep Bakshi (@sandeepbak on Twitter) talks to Saronik about understanding queerness and its emancipatory politics through transnational solidarity building, the persistent inclusion

Racial Affect

Oishani Sengupta talks about the felt experiences of racism, especially as they are represented in Victorian literature and its contemporary readership, which


Varsha Venkatasubramanian discusses the many trajectories of modernization as a theoretical concept. She focuses mainly on the history of development in the

Sexual Difference

Emma Heaney talks about the social organization of the supposedly biologically derived terms of the sex binary into a hierarchy of persons


Kim speaks with Julie Beth Napolin about Resonance. Julie Beth’s book The Fact of Resonance: Modernist Acoustics and Narrative Form (Fordham UP,

Experimental Life

Travis Chi Wing Lau talks about the notion that one can experiment on the fundamental conditions and nature of life in order

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