Halloween Special: Schrödinger’s Cat

Kim talks with George Gibson about Schrödinger’s cat. This cat is a thought experiment proposed by Erwin Schrödinger, and taken up in correspondence with Albert Einstein, in the 1930s.

Schrödinger’s original paper on the subject, “Die gegenwärtige Situation in der Quantenmechanik” (Naturwissenschaften 23 no. 48 (November 1935): 807–812) doi: 10.1007/BF01491891 was translated by John D. Trimmer and published as “The Present Situation in Quantum Mechanics: A Translation of Schrödinger’s ‘Cat Paradox’ Paper.”  (Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 124, No. 5 (Oct. 1980): 323-338) <https://www.jstor.org/stable/986572>. Schrödinger presents the cat as something of a joke.

George Gibson is a professor of physics at the University of Connecticut and an excellent pianist.

Image: “Leo was rescued off the streets of Harlem 3.5 years ago and has lived comfortably in a town house with two humans ever since.”

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