High Theory is a produced and edited by Kim Adams and Saronik Bosu, two tired academics trying to save critique from itself. In this podcast, we get high on the substance of theory, and we try to explain difficult ideas from the academy with irreverence.

In April 2022, our team gained two amazing collaborators, Júlia Irion Martins and Nathan Kim. Among other things, Nathan runs our Instagram, and Júlia edits our transcripts (coming soon!). They are also putting together a series on High Theory in STEM which will air in September.

Screenshot from a Zoom meeting showing four people holding up books.
As theory heads we are quite fond of books. Even on Zoom.

Eoghan Quin composes our theme music. We receive no outside sponsorship, and represent no institution.

If you want to comment or have an idea for an episode, please drop us a line. You can follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and listen on the New Books Network, Spotify, iTunes, or most any podcast app.