Property Technology

Illustration of San Francisco townhouses on inclined streets, some with doors and windows lit, others dark and faint

In this episode of High Theory, Erin McElroy talks with Nathan Kim about Property Technology. This is the first episode in the High Theory in STEM series, that tackles topics in science, technology, engineering, and medicine from a highly theoretical perspective.

Not only is “property technology” a term for digital tools and other methods used by landlords to track and dispossess tenants, but property itself is a technology. In the episode, Nathan references Erin’s article “Property as Technology,” in which they write that “property itself has long served as a technology of racial dispossession, constituting a palimpsest for the contemporary gentrifying moment.” You can read the whole article here: McElroy, Erin. “Property as technology: temporal entanglements of race, space, and displacement.” City 24, no. 1-2 (2020): 112-129. <>

Erin McElroy is an assistant professor in American Studies at UT Austin, a co-founder of the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, and an editor of the Radical Housing Journal. They are fighting the good fight. We hope you do too.

Image: © 2022 Saronik Bosu

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